Members In Hospital


Prayer Needs


Woodrow Ross, Vickie Foster’s father, is in the hospital in Columbia, TN with a broken hip  
Marie Vance, recovering from hip surgery
Sue Littlejohn ~ Sue has gone home with 24 hour care.      
Please pray for Sue, Ray, and Wanda during this very difficult time.
Christi Stavely very ill with cancer.  Please keep praying.
Joanne Gilmore  ~  Praying for God to heal her heart.
Sandra Lane- Chemo for cancer.  Thanking the Lord for some improvement.
Cecil Tompkins - needs relief from skin issues caused by Lymphoma
Claudia Willey is dealing  with multiple health issues.  Please pray for her healing.
Sandra Lane ~ Cancer ~ Thanking the Lord for some improvement.
Jean Shelton-has been diagnosed with a very serious blood disease.  She is receiving Chemo.
Megan Medlin’s 51 year old father is recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from his  brain.
Alex Taran-cancer, having chemo
Carol Taran-weak and has fallen several times.
Jack Hughes, Carol Tarran's 1 1/2 year old grandson-falling a lot.


Lillian Baker (mother of David Baker) ~  Bladder cancer
Martha Johnson - Needs healing  from Lymphoma; has started Chemo
Gail Allen  asks for prayer for her brother-in-law, Stuart.  He has a malignant, inoperable tumor and needs a miracle.
Linda Hampton has asked us to pray for Ed Braswell ~ upcoming brain surgery;
Ginger Weakes, mother of Ed Braswell ~ lung & female cancer; Reggie Hampton ~ healing and salvation

Continue to pray for our Assemblies of God Missions Director and other missionaries.
Please pray daily for the health and protection of our church family.

Praise Report

Kathy Cobb received a letter from her doctor's office that the last biopsy they sent in on her leg came back as normal.
No cancer! She doesn't need to go back to have any more work. What wonderful news! Praise God!
Carolyn Hall ~ Numbers are showing that her transplant grafting is as it should be.  
She is able to recover at her apartment in Nashville.  Praise the Lord for this!


Grant and Tiffany Wright. They welcomed Baby Genevieve Helen on Friday, October 2. Genevieve weighed 5 lbs., 9 oz. and was 18.75” long.
Corrie Herndon has gone to heaven ~ Please keep her family in your prayers.  Arrangements for her service are below:
Funeral is at 10am on Saturday
   Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery
  • 5668 Poplar Ave
    Memphis, TN 38119

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