She opens her mouth in wisdom and the
teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
She looks well to the ways of her household. 

Proverbs 31:26-27
Mums is a ministry dedicated to inspiring, refreshing and affirming mothers of preschool and school aged children.
Through Biblical instruction and practical teaching on home and family, our goal is to empower moms to fulfill their
calling as life-givers in the world. At each meeting, seasoned mentors share their experiences,
lending support and encouragement for everyday living.



“Have you ever felt hidden?  Have you moved to a new place or entered a new environment or crossed the threshold into another season of life?  Perhaps you have transitioned from being sought out to left out, consulted to unconsidered, celebrated to celebrating others.  In these hidden seasons we are more familiar with being invisible than acclaimed.  But there is One who can see the beauty and potential, even in this stage of life.  And His delight is not diminished by the camouflage of circumstances, and neither would His pleasure be amplified by our visibility.”  What is God accomplishing during these times?  Come join us as we delve into Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s book Anonymous.  God’s thoughts toward us are precious, indeed, and a substance to hold onto as we walk through these seasons and help others navigate them,
as well.

Please RSVP so we have an accurate count for food & childcare.

Time:  10 - Noon (1st & 3rd Wednesdays through May 3.
Place:  Room 144
Bring:  Your favorite beverage (for you)

AND, of course, we will continue doing crafts, having fun, engaging in quality conversations and developing meaningful relationships.

Looking forward to seeing y'all!

According to*, the word "Trajectory" is formed with part of the prefix 'trans', meaning "across" + to hurl.  By calculating the effect of gravity and other forces the trajectory of an object launched into space at a known speed can be computed precisely.  Missiles stand a chance of hitting their target ONLY if their trajectory has been plotted accurately.   That same concept is true of our children.  God has a plan and a process for each individual to accomplish a purpose, taking into account forces like culture, education, strengths and disciplines.  How do we participate in discovering and directing a great trajectory?  Join us this year at MUMs as we explore, test and traverse this topic together.

Fun crafting with Mums

Dates This Semester

March 22
April 5

April 19

May 3

Projects and themes for each  date TBD

TIME 9:45 - 10 a.m. = Arrive at EAST door by the nursery to be let in, have temps taken and drop off children 10:00 - Noon = Moms meet in Room 144. (Moms, Please make your way from the childcare area to the back hallway.) CHILDCARE - Please RSVP (happy to send a reminder email) by Monday on MUMs weeks: Child(ren)'s name(s) and age(s) who will be present for childcare
EXTRAS  MUMs = Bring your own beverage; food will be available in Room 144 for Moms Children = Bring a bagged snack with child(ren)'s name clearly marked; give to childcare workers.